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Working for 7 years as a Paramedic now, I have the opportunity to see reality. Till now, I had never experienced so many calls for people with suicidal thoughts.

Especially for our children!! I recently saw 2 cases of children in a very short period of time: 1 suicide and 1 attempt. I regularly notice contradictions between our reality and what the media says.

For example, there are many complications from the vaccine that I have encountered, while the media tells us that it is safe. This worries me enormously.

I am here to reassure people and help them.

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Being a CPA (Chartered Accountant) for the past 12 years, I have had opportunities to work with many individuals and business owners.

Unfortunately, over the past 2 years, I have seen many families break apart, and many suffering immense financial hardships as businesses are constantly being shut down due to lockdowns.

Our government’s financial assistance that my clients receive is never enough.
The most difficult part is when my clients share their emotions about their lives and finances during this time. In Quebec, we already pay the highest taxes, and still many citizens are outlawed from our society because of a medical choice that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows us to make.

What is our freedom?

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Respect for individuals and the protection of their fundamental rights, including the right to be free from discrimination and harassment, are principles that must inspire lawyers under all circumstances. Compelled by these principles I publicly denounce our government’s unprecedented infringement of our fundamental rights. The imposition of a so-called health passport, that has no credible scientific basis, is of a great concern to me.

The scapegoating and segregation of one segment of the population cannot be justified in a society that claims to be free and democratic. I invite all colleagues who share my concerns to speak out against this unacceptable situation.

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I have been working in the field of education for over twenty years. 

I began my career as a special education teacher, and I am now a secondary school academic advisor (a professional remedial teacher).

The collateral damage caused by the imposition of health measures on Quebec’s youth raises a lot of questions for me. Aren’t anxiety, depression and academic difficulties among students more detrimental than the dangers of COVID at their age? The use of masks on developing children and adolescents is questionable, to say the least, considering that this segment of the population is 15 times more likely to die from an automobile accident than from this virus.

It is the duty and responsibility of all educators to stand up for these young people. It’s high time we shattered this code of silence (omerta) that is suffocating this vulnerable generation. In the name of freedom, join me in protecting our precious students!

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I have been a special education field 1 teacher for around 25 years. Health measures that are placed to prevent Covid-19 spread are not working as people are still catching the virus.

I have had the disease and I have friends who were vaccinated but had gotten infected too. We had the exact same symptoms. What good are these vaccines if they don’t protect against the disease?

Making children wear masks and giving them a fear of the world that they will carry for the rest of their lives makes no sense to me. We know that vaccinated people still catch and transmit the disease.

Why vaccinate children if the vaccine does not protect them and does not prevent them from passing the virus on to grandpa and grandma at home?

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I am the owner of NRJ Spa Nordique. I started my business 8 years ago. I invested a lot of time and money. I took heavy risks to open my business. Now, they make us close our doors every winter, which is our biggest season! Spas should be a health ally, even an essential service. How come that it is now the small business owners who must be responsible for our declining health care system? It is not for me nor any other businesses to pay for the mismanagement of our governments. When you see hundreds of people crowded together in some outdoor activities, it becomes very difficult to believe that closing my small business, which welcomes between 40 to 100 visitors a day in the safest possible way, will make a difference. We are at the end of our rope! It has become impossible for us to open or close our business every 2 weeks: we lose both our employees and our customers! The right to work is a fundamental right for everyone. Let us get back to work and so take care of the people.

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I have been a police officer for 17 years. I opened up to a different narrative by listening to messages from specialised and world-renowned doctors who claim that there are risks linked to vaccination!

Sincerely, the vaccination of children deeply troubles me because I am a father. Why are these doctors with strong international credibility censored?

As a police officer, I respect everyone’s freedom to choose, I respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the integrity of everyone’s body.

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I have been a specialist in Pathological Anatomy for 29 years and serving the Outaouais(Gatineau/Ottawa) community since 2011.

In the past ten years, I have invested a lot of my time and effort in my CISSS (Integrated Health and Social Services Centre) to improve the service offered to the population.

As a matter of principle, medical treatment of any kind is individualised and can only be administered with the free and informed consent of the person receiving it.

Since the benefit-risk balance must be assessed individually, I am not yet ready to recommend a vaccine developed using a technology that is too new for humans and that does not accompany information on the medium and long-term side effects.

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I am fortunate to be in a profession that I love and that is close to my heart. A profession that I have practiced with passion for the past 12 years. I am also an involved family man who is constantly looking for a better future for their children.

I have always been concerned about the collateral damage of our health policies. I would have appreciated if there had been discussions to obtain free and informed consent.

We certainly have a choice in an environment that is becoming relentlessly punitive and is endangering our daily rights and freedoms.


To connect professionals who wish to live their profession with integrity and ethics and to promote their exemplary commitment to the community.


To play an inspiring role in empowering and serving the community for just and humane practices in the workplace.


Why this project?

In the context of the government’s curtailment of our rights and freedoms and the imposition of the law of Omerta(silence) in all areas, in order to impose health measures on the population, let’s work collectively to take back our power and defend our health choices!

This project aims to reach out to all Canadian professionals in their communities, and educate them to protect the well-being and personal freedoms of adults and children. It is our duty as professionals to take a strategic leadership role in creative ways to bring people back at the center of the public decision-making.

Why is it necessary?

We are facing liberticidal drifts threatening our rights and fundamental freedoms more and more each day. Professionals ought to be united and make their voices heard.

Silence has serious consequences. Conveying fair and inspiring messages to touch consciences and inspire individuals to act responsibly is necessary.

Unfortunately, we cannot count on the traditional media anymore because channels are propagating a single version of the facts, and are refusing to conduct in-depth debates.

Who does it concern?

Everyone concerned about misinformation, discrimination, corruption, conflicts of interest, partisan politics, and/or deception shall find spaces to share and collaborate on meaningful projects.

There is no membership or a commitment. We only request for willingness to work with other professionals in a respectful and an ethical manner.

Is it confidential?

All the information transmitted through our form is treated confidentially. Your personal information shall NEVER be shared without your consent. Thank you for your trust!

Who are we ?

We are a group of Canadian professionals who aim to live out their profession with integrity and ethics. We have no spokespersons, but we request for a collection of voices to play inspirational roles in our community.

We hope that more professionals shall join us and assert a collective effort to regain our power and freedom.We are a group of Canadian professionals who aim to live out their profession with integrity and ethics. We have no spokespersons, but we request for a collection of voices to play inspirational roles in our community.

What do we propose?

A contact where we may understand your expectations so we may direct you to the groups that will allow you to break the isolation, find support, speak out and act effectively.

There are several groups that are already working together in synergy and in a complementary manner across Canada. A special emphasis is placed on professionalism to uphold credibility with the public.

Dare and speak up! Ought to be assertive on one’s duty of loyalty to citizens and democratic values: we request for free and responsible actions expressing our individual sovereignty.

Facing the ethical and deontological abuses, we must have our voices united and act in the defense of the fundamental rights and the individual liberties.

You are not alone! Join our community of free thinkers who have chosen their truth and honoured their humanity rather than obey fearful orders given by our institutions. You shall not be alone.








Together, we can assert our individual sovereignty and construct free and responsible actions.

There is strength in numbers. The more us professionals speak out our values and convictions, the stronger our voice of truth will be with the media, governments and the public.  Please participate!

Do not hesitate to contact us to share your messages and express your position publicly.


his project needs your support. Thank you for contributing. We aim to give back our professionals the place they deserve at our societies…


All the shared information shall be treated as confidential. No information shall be shared, exchanged, or commercialised.